How to Avoid Major Damage to Your Wood Floors

  1. Don’t wait to clean up wet or sticky spills. Water seeping into your wood floor spells disaster. DON’T DO IT. Even if it is just an ice cube that escapes – go get it!
  2. Watch out for heavy equipment! Don’t use the broom you use in the garage or outside. It is too stiff. Also don’t use heavy floor-cleaning machines.
  3. Be careful about your chemicals. NEVER use vinegar or vinegar-based products, floor wax, ammonia or ammonia based (Windex!), baking soda solutions, or hardwood cleaners. They can dull your finish. Simply remove the dirt/grime and let the polyurethane shine. Never use liquid or paste wax or anything that says ‘glow’ on a polyurethane-sealed wood floor.
  4. FLOOD! Tiny tears form in the wood as it shrinks and expands with weather. Water from a wet mop or spill can seep through these tears into the wood and cause permanent damage.
  5. Never steam clean. Never! Use it on tile, linoleum, or vinyl. Never on wood.
  6. ALWAYS have a walk-off mat outside and inside of each door. This will catch dirt and debris before it gets on your wood floor.
  7. Consider using slippers, flipflops or even socks to walk on the floors! Hard shoes, athletic shoes with their many creases, and stiletto heels can cause major damage to your floors.
  8. Keep pets nails clipped.

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