How to Keep Your WOOD FLOORS in Great Shape

Although everyone wants to keep their new floors in brand-new, never-walked-on shape, life happens. The kids run through with mud and rocks on their shoes. The dog runs across the floor after a ball. You move furniture. Life happens in your home and leaves a floor covered with scuffs, scratches, and whatever. What to do to keep the floors in great shape for many years.

  1. Use a soft-bristled broom, angled. Always moving with the grain, get into the corners and go wide enough to do the job. Do this daily.
  2. Vacuum with a floor brush setting. The carpet setting can damage your floor. Weekly, I love to use my robot vac! Be sure to get one that will go for at least an hour before recharging.
  3. Quickly get sticky spills with a damp clean cloth. Use a tiny amount of a neutral cleaner and a vigorous rub. A microfiber mop head, miraculously treated with a positive electric charge will capture negative-ion stuff, to lift off dust and pet hair.
  4. As the seasons change, use a microfiber string mop (totally wrung out!) or a damp-mop with a flat-head mop and microfiber pad when things look dingy. Always move with the grain as you mop. You can lightly spray a cleaning solution in a heavy mist – about ½ TEASPOON per 2 square feet. You won’t need to rinse or buff, but going back over it with a dry mop or socks or cloth diaper will work very well.
  5. Every few years or when you see substantial dulling of your finish, have your floors professionally cleaned. Call Jason at Next Level Klean,,  972-905-1278. Look for us on Facebook!

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