Hardwood and Engineered Wood Floors are beautiful and a great investment. Because of this, you will want to hire a professional wood floor cleaning company, one that is highly reputable and experienced. Next Level Klean is a wood floor cleaning company that you can trust to bring your floors to near new luster. Our technicians are highly trained and will happily work hard for your satisfaction.

Love Your Hardwood Floors Again – Call Next Level Klean.

We offer both a maintenance cleaning (a clean and polish that should be done annually) and a wood floor renewal service:

Hardwood Floor Cleaning And Buffing

Our technicians will do much more than just clean your floors. We will set up with mats and corner guards to protect your entry floors and corners, add a sealing entry door, and complete a detailed process in leaving you with the best cleaning results.

We will use environmentally friendly products to remove the dirt and particles that can damage the hardwood. We follow this hardwood floor cleaning with hardwood floor polishing. The floors will stay polished and really beautiful longer, giving you the floors you love once more.

Hardwood Floor Revitalization

The one mistake that homeowners make in caring for their hardwood floors is putting any product that says shine’ or ‘luster’ or ‘gloss’ on their floors. It probably contains acrylic wax. Regular use of this product will result in:

  • An acrylic wax layer covering the original floor finish
  • This added layer scratches easily.
  • This added layer will leave a hazy or sometimes a WOW shiny finish that shows all scratches.
  • It will eventually begin to flake off
  • The flaking can damage the original finish
  • Unfortunately, the acrylic wax can only be removed by professional hardwood floor technicians.

Next Level Klean technicians can remove the acrylic wax build up through our Revitalization Process. This is a process designed by major manufacturers of hardwood floor finishes that gently removes many layers of wax buildup:

We will remove the wax buildup and the affected polyurethane finish. (Most scratches will disappear with this process.)

  •  Apply specialized wood floor polish remover
  •  Extract wax buildup
  •  Apply a thin layer of polyurethane.

Why Use Us

  • We do it right the first time – or we will come back on our dime.
  • We have 30 years experience
  • We can’t give you new floors, but we can give you floors so clean that you can fall in love with again.
  • IICRC-certified technicians